ReinerStop Show Time Momentum Continued at Reining By The Bay

Scottsdale, AZ, USA, July 2022

The first in a series of four fall Show Time episodes started July 25th and continues to bring third-party unbiased analysis to the complex sport of reining.

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Scottsdale, AZ, USA

ReinerStop continues to build momentum entering the height of show season. Their mission of reaching more people and providing access to horse related information began humbly with a goal of reaching 100,000 people. Show Time premiered in 2021, and they quickly reached that mark after just the first episode.

This year’s first ReinerStop Show Time episode, held at the Cactus Reining Classic, acquired over 2 million impressions, further skyrocketing them beyond their initial goal. Now entering a two month Show Time event series, they are looking to capitalize on this momentum and engage even more people in the horse industry.

“Reining is becoming a household name, yet there are misunderstandings about how the judging and scoring really works. This is why we created ReinerStop Show Time, to help even the most green spectator have an NFL-like sporting experience. As an exhibitor myself, the skills and tools I have learned from Show Time have given me a huge advantage.” – Sheley Brien, Founder of ReinerStop

Andrea Fappani wins Reining By The Bay on All Bettss are Off: Image by High Cotton Promotions
Andrea Fappani wins Reining By The Bay on All Bettss Are Off. Image: by High Cotton Promotions
ReinerStop Show Time explains how the scoring works, and the importance of pattern placement in the circles. Image from
ReinerStop Show Time explains how the scoring works, and the importance of pattern placement in the circles.
ReinerStop Founders Reining media reining sports show

What fascinates people about ReinerStop Show Time? It could be the expert judges panel shedding light on the scoring. Super Bowl style programming brings the audience slow motion reviews, graphic overlays, and open discussions about scoring, penalties, and the future of reining. The giveaways are an added perk, but what really drives viewers is the refreshing combination of education and entertainment provided by the panelists and hosts. Show Time is now available free to viewers with a simple email sign-up, thanks to ReinerStop sponsors.


“Horses have impacted every aspect of my life. They’ve seen me through hard times, they’ve taught me how to love and be loved in return, and they’ve given me career opportunities beyond my imagination. Reining is a sport built on objective scoring, grit and control. The more ReinerStop can use modern media to bring honesty and integrity to the sport, the greater the chances that others will get involved: take lessons, buy a horse, attend a show. It’s all about connecting horses and humans.” – Chelsea Sutton, ReinerStop Partner & Reining Announcer

Reining is a visceral, adrenaline-pumping sport that requires passionate people with hearts set on growth and improvement. Reining has the chance to engage fans at every level. This is what ReinerStop brings to the table: passion, enthusiasm, fun, and access to experts.

Show Time coverage featuring the Reining By The Bay Derby streamed live Monday, July 25.  Coverage highlighted the top runs, including explanation of the winning run with Andrea Fappani and All Bettss Are Off, a hose owned by Rancho Oso Rio (photo provided by High Cotton Promotions). On demand viewing is available for two weeks. As Reining by the Bay expires, ReinerStop will cover the season’s first major futurity at The North American Reining Stakes, held this year in Ocala, Florida.

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  • July 25: ReinerStop Show Time at Reining By The Bay
  • August 8: ReinerStop Show Time at The North American Reining Stakes – Live at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern
  • August 21: Bluebonnet Show Time at The Run For A Million Open Shootout
  • September 17: ReinerStop Show Time at The High Roller Reining Classic

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